huapii’s mission is to unleash people, teams and organizations: To make the difference in a world where people are confronted with a rapidly changing environment and organizations are unable to provide their employees with the tools they need to remain competitive .

Organizations have been setup to work as a machine, where all cogs are in a fixed position and have a specific function. By ensuring each cog performs well, the machinery runs smoothly. This operating model has helped us improving efficiency for more than 100 years, when Ford started it in his plants. To improve the execution of routine tasks, rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior was the best way of going forward.It does however have its clear downsides though, as it is killing intrinsic motivation, creativity and is a clear push towards short term thinking.This is of course inevitable as people are only focused on performing the task at hand and adhering to the requirements rather than delivering quality.

As digitalization entered the workplace it has pushed the organization of jobs to a new level. In the past, we needed experts to execute highly specialized tasks and your career path was focused on performing these tasks better and more efficiently. With the digital revolution, a lot of these tasks can now be automated. The focus of one’s job is not about knowing all the different exceptions and rules, but knowing how to learn and adapt quickly. . We need to make the difference in rethinking how our work can make an impact! We used to go to school and learn the required knowledge for a specific profession, now we are confronted with a new reality where our future job most likely doesn’t exist yet, and this is a huge mindset shift. 

But as we said before, the world is ever changing and at speeds never seen before. The life cycle of a product is shorter than ever before, the expectations of consumers are higher than ever before and every market anywhere in the world, has become reachable The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to constantly improve and adapt your product and/or services.

This requires your team and people to rethink how they work: performing their tasks efficiently is not good enough anymore, we need to think about the whole blueprint and impact it will have on our customers. 

We need to look at our teams as being a collection of players on a field instead of pawns on a chess board. This takes a radically different approach on how we approach our people and teams. One of our main influences here is Daniel Pink, who distinguished 3 cornerstones to make this happen.

Organizations are currently realizing they need to change the setup, but they lack the tools and the support to make it happen. That’s why we believe with huapii we can make a difference, our platform pushes the whole organization to rethink how we work together and make it better. We fully realize that a platform as such is not enough, that’s why we have a team that is able to let everyone taste the chocolate.