Regular, effective and easy check in’s with your people manager creates more transparency on the performance review and nourishes an open feedback culture, in addition to reducing the pressure from a traditional end of year review.

Check in’s allow you to align with your people manager and confirm that you are working towards a common goal. More regular informal discussions prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding. It is also an opportunity for your people manager to help you with any problems you might be facing and are keeping you from achieving their goals. People managers also benefit from the chance to become better leaders by asking for feedback for themselves.

Since it is an opportunity for both you and your people managers to grow and develop yourselves, we have created two reference cards on How to do awesome check in’s for team members and How to do awesome check in’s for people managers.

Being able to do awesome check in’s is only a fraction of what is needed for your business to become future proof. To learn more about investing in your people for the future skills of tomorrow download our free e-book!