Feedback is all about helping you understand key strengths, support focus your development to maximize impact and see your progress. It makes you feel recognized for what you have achieved, makes you aware of your strengths but it is also an opportunity for you to identify your areas of development and grow.

The best feedback is given face-to-face directly after the event and based on observed facts. Best feedback is always honest and correct. This allows the receiver to react immediately, ask questions if necessary and give feedback on the feedback. However, despite being one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, its impact can be either positive or negative: we often hear about the fear of confrontation, of not being able to deliver constructive and factual feedback.

You may wonder if the other person will explode in rage or will think that you are a bad colleague or manager. The fear is human, but a lack of constructive feedback is detrimental to your team members, depriving them of mentorship and growth opportunities. Improving your ability to deliver feedback clearly and assertively does require practice but we’ve got your back: here is a simple 5 steps guide to get you started to deliver Awesome Feedback!

Being able to give awesome feedback is only a fraction of what is needed for your business to become future proof. To learn more about investing in your people for the future skills of tomorrow download our free e-book!