A trendy topic at the moment is how millennials and generation Z will change the workforce. However, change seems to have arrived sooner than expected. COVID-19 swept across our world and we experienced a complete disruption in our homes and workplaces. Getting back to the new normal is not going to be easy and the best thing we as leaders can do is lean in. Listen to your employees, empathize with their greatest concerns, communicate frequently and confidently, and be flexible and supportive to meet their needs

Working remotely has become the new norm. Being remote does not mean important projects need to stop: employee experience is crucial today more than ever: life goes on! Aligning your organization around the same culture and purpose is not impossible during this crisis, it just takes a different approach.

Companies that have coped best with the pandemic and kept their employees connected with the organization and its purpose / values, used technology as a facilitator for meaningful conversations, such as asking for regular feedback via a pulse survey. Remote work did not mean the end to growth opportunities. For instance, they offered diverse development solutions like personalized e-learnings or mentoring. Having regular team conversations about team needs and actions and making sure that managers were equipped with the right insights was also key.

The future of HR and HR-tech after a worldwide pandemic revolves around leading virtual teams with new managerial skills, hiring based on talent rather than location and finding ways to create safe spaces to address employee engagement and encourage healthy behaviors and practices, also with remote workers.

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