We’re thrilled to announce the creation of huapii, the first European one stop employee experience platform that transforms way of working and unleashes your people & teams!

First things first let’s give you a taste of our values, and the meaning of huapii: Human + happy = huapii, which is also a lake in Patagonia that perfectly illustrates our vision for the future of work : organic and self organized where all people, every team and each organization is empowered, trusted and in control. 

We believe ways of working should evolve to make work better for everyone. ⅓ of our lives is spent at work, can we make this time more meaningful, developing and fulfilling to deliver impact and added value for society? Yes, In any role, in any function, at any level, we can be constantly learning and growing, and be surrounded by people who are doing the same. And we can be happy while doing it.

We believe in putting people first, because it’s all about a human adventure ! A good tool (and we believe we have the best) can do a lot, but will never be enough. Therefore, we offer our huapii platform in combination with creative moments-that-matter to drive adoption and change. We are also creating an active community with our customers and the employees of our customers who wish to innovate ways of working with us.

huapii makes your people grow

  • Smart learning 

  • Mentoring and self driven learning

  • Job matching

  • Top talent management 

huapii puts employees in the driving seat

  • Agile objectives & next gen performance management 

  • Project teams 

  • Career pathing

huapii fosters collaboration between employees  

  • Internal LinkedIn

  • Project teams

  • Team pulse

It’s just the beginning …do you want to
shape the future with us ?