Career Development oriented solution

Put your people in the driver’s seat

We provide a personalized platform to let your employees take control of their own career.

Personalized Job Opportunities

Looking inside your organization first to fill a job opening has never been easier, with our AI powered module that connects people directly with job opportunities. Push your employees to take ownership of their career, by matching your talent’s profiles with open positions that fit with their career aspirations and skills. Improve your internal mobility and reduce time to fill open positions by pushing opportunities to all your talents.

With an up-to-date skill mapping inside your organization, you make internal talent accessible by anyone, at any time.


Talent Radar

Take the career development of your employee to a strategic level and create a solid succession pipeline. Identify your top talents in key positions and boots their career opportunities and development. Enable collaborative inputs on succession planning, identify potential next roles and successors, gaps and development needs, to create actionable succession plans. 

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