About Us

Passionate about unleashing the potential of your people

We strongly believe in a world in which every organization is an environment where people can thrive and grow.

Our story

Huapii originates from Solvay back in 2017. Creating employee experience in start-up style…

First task: let’s get the business case approved to implement a full-blown new HRIS. After asking what employees & management really needed, the choice was made to go for a much more people-centric and agile new platform. One that would ‘click’ on top of any HR Information System and create a holistic culture change and employee experience.

Bad news… no platform on the market to address our needs. Solution: let’s create our own platform!

Just 3 months later version 1 was ready. 1000 employees tested it. Another 6 months later version 2 was ready. All 25,000 employees went live to adopt new ways of working (360 feedback, agile objectives, open talent market, skills based collaboration,…). 80% adopted the platform after just a few weeks. The reason was very simple: huapii empowers employees, puts employees at the center and employees experience direct benefits. 

Our story received lots of publicity and other companies kept on asking when we would create a commercial version. We jumped and found huapii as a totally separate new business in September 2019. Our dream, vision, belief, cause and values remain intact. With huapii we want to unleash people, teams and organizations and contribute to making the workplace more human and people-centric. We thank Solvay and hope you join us on the journey!

Our culture

We live and use our values every day to make effective decisions and remain true to our cause.

More Action, Less Talk

Everyone needs to have an owner mentality when serving customers, when making decisions and choices. We favor common sense and being action-oriented. Empowerment goes hand-in-hand with accountability. 

Radical Transparency

We have a safe space to give each other direct feedback in good spirit. It helps us grow much faster and discuss frustrations and achievements directly. We had our tough moments as founders and it made us stronger. With our customers we aspire to create a similar open space as partners together with the same cause

Team and people-centric

Team performance goes above individual ego. Inner drive goes above sticks and carrots. We spend time to ‘reflect’ on this and ensure we are honest to ourselves. By doing so we feel fully unleashed to thrive and serve our customers

Our team


CO-Founder & COO

I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.


Technical Implementation

My passion lies with HR technology, I have built my career around it. I have 15 years of experience implementing HR tools such as SAP and SuccessFactors.

In addition to being one of the founders of Lab900, I am delighted that my career led me to be part of the initial Solvay team that designed and created the platform that is huapii today.

I love the fact that huapii’s roots come from a different approach. Instead of starting from a traditional HR process, we started from the needs of the employee, in order to truly deliver value to the career of the employees.

Now I am extremely proud of the way that the platform looks and feels to the user. The tools of classic players like SAP, Workday, and SuccessFactors often feel dated. However, with Huapii we offer an experience similar to what people are used to in their private life in platforms like Amazon and LinkedIn, which I believe to be the key to a successful tool.

Antunes Figueiredo Carvalho

HR Project Manager

“People join organizations and quit managers”.

My experience in 5 different countries has made me aim to apply the high standards that companies have for customer experience to employee experience.

About one-third of our lives is spent at work and after graduating from Vlerick Business School and the Master Programme in European Human Resource Management I decided to be part of the HR that delivers an employee experience and impact that employees deserve. Huapii enables me to do so and much more. I believe that spreading huapii’s values and ways of working will help prepare for a better future.

At huapii, I am able to use my skills to assist our customers in achieving their goals, develop our amazing platform and create HR content to help companies become future-proof.


CO-Founder and CEO

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that” – Pippi Longstockings

I always loved this quote and tried to put it into practice. When I finished my studies in Pedagogical sciences, I started my career within HR Technology, at NorthgateArinso, with an open mind and a lot of desire to learn new things! There, I found my love in making people rethink the way they work and finding a way they could be fully in their passion to deliver great results.

And from that moment, I made it my purpose to keep on doing exactly that. First, as a scrum master, introducing new ways of working within organizations and delivering great products with real impact. Next, as one of the founders of Lab900, a software company where I learned the power of building a strong culture together with the employees. And finally within huapii, where we create the platform for all employees to work on their passion and let their organizations thrive!


CO-Founder & Chairman

Hello friends, colleagues, peers,…

It took me sometime to get here with Huapii. An important source of energy and fulfilment for me is supporting people, teams and organizations unlocking their strengths, skills and potential. Not in the more traditional way but really ‘from within’ by providing people trust, ownership and healthy reflection. That is the reason why we founded Huapii. Combining our viral change approach with the huapii platform.

Before huapii, I worked in the corporate world. First on business and various organizational topics with Mckinsey. Then at Solvay and Euroclear in different HR roles. Those experiences taught me a lot.

A big thanks for 3 years at Solvay to give me the opportunity to re-imagine ways of working & HR and build huapii from within ‘by employees for employees’.

Thank you to Euroclear for providing me the opportunity as chief talent officer to drive an employee driven inclusive talent culture, and freedom to work with diverse teams in making them more high performing teams.

Finally, thank you for nearly 10 years at McKinsey in very different roles, industries and topics. A place that taught me what feedback & mentoring really means and allowed me to ‘shape my own path’.


Tech Lead

I started my career in HR consultancy. Through it I deepened my knowledge on how projects are carried out and what different kinds of company cultures exist. However, after 5 years, years I realised that what I truly loved was web application development. So, I changed my career.

Today, with a total of 10 years of experience in software development, I am the tech lead at Lab900, I have built many web platforms: HR data warehouse, an online herbarium, a purchasing platform, an IoT platform, and now… huapii!

I was part of the team at Solvay that initially created huapii. I love seeing the platform grow feature by feature, come to live and building the best version of it.

Moreover, I am delighted by the response from end users and the vibe in the team.

huapii is a market changer as it is centred around employees and combines the best employee experience they can have. It has inspired me to create a company that uses the same methodology (end users first!) in other software projects.

Our name

How do you pronounce it?
There you go: /’huæpɪ/

huapii is a mix of HUMAN and HAPPY, because we believe in a world in which every organization is an organic environment where people can thrive and grow.

Ah, last thing, every letter in lower case: because every letter is equal!

Our advisors

Tandeau de Marsac

Non Executive Board Member at Sodexo-Verallia-Daher and Ex CHRO at Solvay

I started my career in Nestlé Group and worked in the Marketing and Human Resources Functions for 20 years. In 2007, I joined Rhodia and was appointed Human Resources Director for Polyamide and Energy Services GBUs and for the Human Resources Function. I led the growth ambition project “Rhodia Move for Growth” in 2010.

Then I joined, at the very beginning of the integration process with Solvay, the Integration Management Office as IMO partner. In September 2012, I was appointed Group General Manager Human Resources, a position I held until 2019 when I decided to dedicate myself to personal projects.

Inventing the Huapii approach at Solvay, developed by and for employees to bring people and skills together, has been one of my career highlights.

Building an efficient talent market place within Solvay, connecting communities and creating an open feedback culture enabled us to get the best from our collective talents.


Chief Executive Officer at ThePowerMBA

Following 15 years as a partner of McKinsey & Company, working alongside global leaders to improve organizational performance through talent-led transformations across 30+ countries, I am currently a Professor of ThePowerMBA supporting the transformation of the educational system on a global scale.

As co-founder of enaible, I support enaible’s efforts to unlock the human- and organizational potential by driving productivity and employee well-being through its AI-led solutions.

I added huapii to the series of start-ups for whom I am an Investor and Advisor as I believe it is aligned with my mission of unlocking the human potential in individuals as well teams and organizations.


Chief Human Resources Officer at Alight Solutions

As an experienced CHRO and executive coach, my passion is to make organizations and individuals more successful.

I currently serve as the CHRO of Alight Solutions and prior to this I served as Chief People Officer of NGA Human Resources until the close of Alight’s acquisition of the business in late 2019. I have held key HR leadership roles across a variety of companies, including Vistaprint, Travelocity (lastminute.com) and Cisco.

Through leading global HR functions to define and execute people and talent strategies, I focus on growing and retaining exceptional people to help drive company success while ensuring that people have happy lives and fulfilling careers.

Happy and engaged employees tend to make great employees. Great employees delight customers and drive themselves and businesses to grow. Now more than ever it is vital that HR technology acts as an enabler to employee experience and growth and Huapii does exactly that. Created by employees for employees, Huapii is a unique proposition in that it accelerates an organization’s realization of potential, by putting people first. Consisting of a hugely talented team, Huapii is a sure way to future-proof any organization with a versatile platform that focuses on employee experience, brings employees together and helps share knowledge and expertise across the an organization.


Founder & CEO Stellar Labs

I am an entrepreneur with a background in educational science and a passion for learning, coaching and talent development. I founded Exellys, the Belgian Tech Talent Incubator in 2014 and sold it in 2019 as a successful and multi award winning company with over 170 employees, a turnover of 12 million, serving 45 renowned clients. Following a career enriching talent through coaching, hands-on training, deep learning and practical experience, I am now fully dedicating my expertise to Stellar Labs.

Competent talent is at the heart of all organizations. Creating a workplace and corporate culture that easily attracts, grows and retains great talent is a crucial and indispensable asset. Most HR platforms often struggle with adoption because they are chosen and imposed top down. However huapii has been developed by employees for employees, which ensures rapid adoption and intensive use by the entire population, whether it be white or blue collars or both. Exactly as it is intended.

In my experience, I have seen very few tools that offer a vigorous solution to bring talent together and create an open feedback and learning culture. While continuously updating all available competencies, making project staffing a breeze in one high-performance, 24/7 accessible, secure and GDPR-compatible platform.


Coach Investor Group @ BeAngels

Our partners