Turn employees into champions with continuous feedback

2 out of 3 employees expect more feedback from managers and colleagues

In every successful organization, feedback is a habit that happens continuously throughout the year. It has proven to be a key driver of better team performance and personal development. But it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Telling employees what you like about their work is one thing, it is another to focus on their development points.

Future-proof companies install a feedback culture at every hierarchical level. Instead of limiting these moments to managers and employees, they turn feedback into a habit that breaks silos between teams. Huapii provides a 360° feedback solution that nourishes open communication and allows continuous feedback – horizontal & vertical. Our platform helps you develop a safe environment.

feedback habit huapii

Develop trust

Praising someone is easy, but a real feedback culture goes one step further and allows you to focus on improvement areas as well. Psychological safety and transparency are key conditions to create an atmosphere that encourages growth, personal development and higher performance.

With huapii, all feedback remains 100% personal. The platform allows for continuous feedback that helps employees reach their full potential. The more they do it, feedback will become natural and people will feel more comfortable. Feedback in huapii does not have any impact on evaluations.

feedback habit huapii

Focus on skills

Feedback helps employees understand key strengths, but also allows them to focus on development areas. With feedback people can continue to grow, maximize impact and track their own progress. They understand which skills they need to develop for the future and are in the lead of their careers.

Huapii enables you to focus on both current skills and improvement areas to nurture a growth mindset. People get access to personal insights that help them become aware of their strengths. For example, instead of just hearing they did well during a workshop, the platform makes it clear to people that workshop facilitation is a strength they possess.

feedback habit huapii

Request feedback from your team

Our daily work evolves fast and it becomes increasingly important to get regular updates from your colleagues and peers. It also shows them that you value their opinion. Especially in a more hybrid environment, you need to ensure that everybody is working together in an efficient way. Foster conversations not just on a personal level, but also in teams and business units.

You can use huapii to conduct regular pulse surveys, track evolution over time and take action when necessary. The platform allows employees to ask for feedback from people inside and outside their team. Even external collaborators can easily give their feedback to provide people with a holistic view of their skills and development points.