Set the right objectives and watch your people grow

2 out of 10 managers follow up regularly on their team member's objectives

Objectives drive employees to achieve goals. In well-oiled teams, managers regularly follow up on their members’ objectives. Through self-assessment people can provide their manager with valuable information to get a more complete picture. But how do you ensure that managers and employees are aligned on their objectives?

Because of our daily jobs and responsibilities, people can easily get lost. Both teams and individuals need objectives that give them direction and increase their focus. With huapii’s platform, your employees take the lead and become the owner of their objectives.

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Make objectives actionable

Employees need to know what they want to accomplish and which actions they should take. This is why objectives must be actionable. As work changes, so do objectives. To meet the demands of a dynamic work environment, employees have to be able to adapt their goals to the current situation.

With huapii’s platform, people can access their objectives quickly and make adjustments when goals change throughout the year. Employees can add key results as they progress, and flag objectives with high priorities.

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Perform regular check-ins

An approach based on growth also impacts the role of managers. They should take every opportunity to inspire and motivate their team members and make sure that everybody is on the same page.

huapii offers people managers access to an overview of their team’s objectives. They can follow up and see in one glance how objectives have been completed. People can make a self-assessment of their performance and growth, giving managers important information about skill development.

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Apply a 360° perspective on objectives

More and more objectives are linked to other teams and external parties. This makes it important to involve these people when assessing your goals. When employees have access to internal input from team members and external input from customers or even suppliers, they can grasp the complete picture.

In huapii, all objectives are private by default, but they can become public when you want to make them visible to other people and transparently share priorities. To take development and growth one step further, people can easily ask for input on objectives from colleagues and external collaborators.