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Did you know that 8 out of 10 managers do not check the objectives of their employees on a regular basis? As objectives drive your employees every day to achieve their goals and track progress, this creates misalignment, frustration and bad results. So how can we ensure managers and employees are aligned on their objectives?
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huapii gave Solvay’s employees power over their own career in a way that had not been possible before. I am able to find anyone, promote my projects and find people interested in contributing.

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Objectives solutions huapii

Objectives give direction to your employees and increase focus. However, losing focus and direction is very easily on your daily jobs and responsibilities. huapii provides your employees the platform where they can take the lead and be the owner of their objectives.

Make objectives actionable

Employees should know what they want to accomplish and which actions they need to take. That’s why objectives needs to be actionable! Employees can easily set their objectives and key results and update them whenever they make progress. As your work evolves, so do objectives. In a dynamic working environment, it is significant that you can be dynamic with your objectives as well. With huapii, employees can access their objectives quickly and make the necessary adjustments if their objectives change during the year. Adapt your objectives to the current situation.

Regular checkins

A growth-based approach to objectives also impacts the role of the manager: they have the opportunity to inspire, motivate their employees and be real coaches. Regular check-ins between employee and manager help the objectives to be on track and ensure they progress in the right direction. The managers also have an overview of all the objectives within their teams and they can make sure their team is aligned with them.

objectives solutions huapii
Objectives solutions huapii

360ᵒ perspective

Employees not only have objectives on which they work alone. More and more objectives are linked to other teams and external parties. It is important to involve them when assessing the objectives. By asking for internal input from your colleagues or external input from customers you work with, it is possible to grasp the complete picture.

Work towards common business goals

Individual objectives of your employees are a part of a bigger picture. For organizations to be successful, all the objectives must be aligned to achieve a common goal. You can define the company goals in huapii and employees are able to link their objectives to them, so you can track your progress in getting towards your ambitions. 

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Objectives solutions huapii

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Create a framework of growth objectives by setting clear goals and actions to attain them step by step, by providing insight from internal and external stakeholders, and by giving employees the ownership to set up their objectives.

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Setting goals makes the link between your company’s vision and your employee’s daily actions, it provides purpose but even more importantly it allows frequent checkin’s and discussions on GROWTH.

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