Talent profile

Every employee has their own public profile highlighting their core values, strengths, work experience, interests, projects he is currently working on and
many more.
Increase the visibility of your talents and map your available skills to create a transparent culture and skill based collaboration.

360° feedback

Open up your organization to give 360° feedback and allow your employees to learn in a safe space what they’re good at and which skills they need to improve. 
The results help each employee to grow and are used to push personalized learning to each employee via their dashboard. 

Smart learning pushes

Connect huapii to your LMS to push personalized learnings modules to your employees based on their development needs, career aspirations and received feedback.

Job matching

An AI powered module that connects directly to your internal open job position to match
your employees profiles with the opportunities that fit with their career aspirations and skills.

Team overview

The ultimate manager dashboard to keep an eye on their team development, needs, objectives and discussions.

Objectives & performance assessment:

Enable your employees to set personal and team objectives offering you a clear overview of your teams and employees goals. 
Put your managers back in their coaching role by giving them the opportunity to have a continuous discussion with their teams as opposed to a stressful once a year performance review.


Empower your employees to create and join interdisciplinary projects that defy your organization’s silos and promote intrapreneurship. Projects foster collaboration and
innovation within your organization.

Team pulse

Forget your yearly employee surveys : the monthly team pulse is a safe space for teams to express and enables you to take the temperature of your organization in real time giving you the possibility to take appropriate corrective actions.