Unlock the true potential of your people

9 out of 10 employees who leave a company state that they would not have left if their employer had invested more in their skills

Future-proof organizations are successful because they respond well to change. They understand that skills are crucial and people are among their most valuable assets. But how do you make sure that your employees have the right skills today and for the future?

The solution lies with your people. Forbes research shows that companies who put employees in the lead of their career doubled their revenue compared to those who don’t. What’s more, replacing high potential can cost up to one yearly salary, making it critical to keep your talents on board.

Skills growth huapii

Find skills within your organization

Uncovering skills inside the organization and giving all employees access to this talent pool will really drive performance in your company. It allows you to find the skills you need today and is a crucial first step towards looking at the skills of the future.

Huapii’s platform is a talent marketplace for every employee in the organization. Within seconds, each individual can access the internal skill pool from their company to find skills and talents.

Skills growth huapii

Stimulate internal mobility

All employees have their own career ambitions and dreams. Successful companies nurture these aspirations by visualizing their people’s skills and goals. They promote internal mobility and enable employees to develop their own career path within the organization.

With huapii, people can easily express their development needs and career aspirations. This gives you a complete overview to start the right initiatives to let your employees grow.

Skills growth huapii

Encourage skill development through mentors

Each organization has a lot of skill potential that is waiting to be leveraged. By upskilling talents, you prepare your company and workforce for the future. If you connect employees, they can help each other and together set out on a learning journey.

In huapii, mentorship allows you to install a bottom up approach that links employees to each other and removes non-value HR activities attempting to create such a connection. With the help of these mentors, people can effectively upskill and be ready for future challenges.

Skills growth huapii

Facilitate strategic succession planning

Resilient organizations understand that they need to keep high potential on board by encouraging people to grow. Once you have an overview of your employees’ skills and aspirations, you can make succession planning a strategic collaboration between management and HR.

Huapii’s Talent Radar feature gives your organization the necessary visibility of your key positions. It offers you the tools to create a succession pipeline and follow how it is evolving, while enabling an objective perspective on the process. That way, you always have the right people in the right place.