Creating Collaboration oriented solution

We believe in skills

We create real collaboration by making skills visible and connecting them inside the whole organization.

Cross-company Collaboration

Boost the multidisciplinary set-up and visibility of cross-organizational projects and profiles through the project marketplace, where every employee is stimulated to create a public project and open participation from all over the company.

Reduce external consulting costs by efficiently utilising your internal talents and enable your company to break silo’s.

 Build an agile and transparent company culture by unleashing your employees to find and work in a project that will help them strengthen or develop new skills. 

Flexible Performance

Create personal and team objectives that enables meaningful conversations, feedback and recognition.

 Give your managers the right platform to be real coaches and embrace the new ways of working, moving away from yearly reviews. Approach performance and objectives as an agile process, foster frequent and qualitative conversations where each employee is accountable. 

As I am working within two different teams, sharing objectives is awesome!
Social Media Manager, USA

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