Continuous Growth oriented solution

Upskill your people, continuously

Build a learning ecosystem where your employees are guided to know themselves and grow where it matters.

Feedback Culture

A 360° feedback solution that allows your employees to know about their strengths and which skills they need to improve, in a safe space. Peer feedback is essential for personal growth.

Every employee has a totally private feedback profile indicating his strengths and improvement points.The consolidated results are used to push personalized learning to each employee via their dashboard. 

Engage in a real feedback culture by decorrelating feedback with performance assessment and focus on developing your talents.

Personalised Learning

Create a self-learning culture by empowering your employees to grow where it matters for them.

 A smart module that connects directly to your LMS to push personalised learning to every employee, based on their development needs, career aspirations and feedback. Enabling you to make efficient use of your LMS system by upskilling your organisation where it is needed most.

Maximize your talents potential by pushing meaningful personalised learning solutions. 

It’s nice to have 360 degree feedback at any time.
Philippe – Head of Sales, FR

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