Surface Hidden Skills oriented solution

Unearth those gems: Make skills more visible

Empower each employee to highlight their talents, skills and experiences.

Personal Talent Profile

Who else knows their own skills better than your employees? Empower them to show their talents via their personal profile, create visibility on their skills and projects and gather insightful information to provide them with a personalized employee experience.

With an up-to-date skill mapping inside your organization, you make internal talent accessible by anyone, at any time.

Open Talent Marketplace

Find the right skills in your organization when you need it, in just a few clicks. An open talent marketplace allows everyone in the company to look for and find specific skills, experiences, and much more.

Fill in a mission, join a project, find a mentor or take a new position. Speed up your company’s capacity to staff open positions or set up diverse and agile teams on a project.

When working in a worldwide company, the personalised job matching is very helpful to easily prepare your next career move.
Digital Project Manager, BE

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